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«Video-streaming service Netflix launches in Canada, and uses actors to pose as excited consumers.». 123 On the following days, it also votes to mandate that all 31 states of Mexico must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions (on 10 August, on a 92 vote) 124 and to uphold a Mexico City law permitting same-sex couples entering into marriages. 25 November: Two.S. Estos factores se anulan en la comparación entre ISP. 250 12 December: The

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High Court of Australia decides unanimously that a legislative act granting marriage to same-sex couples in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) "cannot operate concurrently with the federal Marriage Act 1961." The court said that such marriages have no effect under the. Retrieved "MGA html Statutes". The couple successfully married in Ushuaia thanks to Governor Fabiana Ríos 's intervention.

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Boulder District Attorney deferred the licenses, which became void. " San Francisco Grants Recognition to Couples Who Aren't Married New York Times braun, stephen (28 February 1985). (in Spanish) La Cámara de Diputados aprobó ley de matrimonio gay por 71 votos en 92 (in Spanish) Senado aprobó ley de matrimonio igualitario: 23 a favor, 8 en contra Archived t the Wayback Machine (in Spanish) Desde el 1 de agosto se podrán celebrar. Mayor Dianne Feinstein vetoes the measure. This court ruling goes into effect no later than 334 30 June: Same-sex marriage passes a vote of the Lower House in Germany. "Isle of Man equal marriage law more progressive than UK, says Peter Tatchell". The couple first planned to marry in Buenos Aires on 1 December after a city court ruled that it should be issued a marriage license; 104 however, a national judge blocked the marriage from taking place in Buenos Aires.

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